Read an Excerpt from What Happens in Cairo…

Here’s a teaser from book 2 of the Tessa Fields: Femme Fatale Series:

Benecia, California


The orange-and-white-striped kitten peered down from his perch on the branch of a Modesto Pine some thirty feet above street level.

Tessa Fields stared back up. “Don’t worry, little kitty. Help is on the way.” She was dressed in a low-cut periwinkle blouse, floral skirt and strappy sandals. She wore hair down; a gold necklace with a crystal pendant completed her look.


Mrs. Catlin, a seventy-something neighbor of Tessa’s, stopped at the cry, squinted up at the tree and said, “How did that kitten manage to climb that high?”

“I know, it’s baffling,” said Tessa. “But I have complete confidence the fire department will be able to get him down.”

“Fire Department?” scoffed the elderly lady. “I didn’t think they rescue cats struck in trees any longer.”

“They still do.” Tessa smiled knowingly. “If you ask them just right.”

As if on cue, a siren wailed. A ladder truck, with lights flashing, raced down the street, pulled over and stopped.

A man in bulky fire gear jumped out of the truck. “I’m looking for Tessa Fields.”

“That’s me,” said Tessa flashing a dazzling smile.

“Lt. Karl Maxwell, Benecia Fire Company #33, at your service.” He bowed his head a smidge. “Now where’s our stuck kitty?”

“Up there.” Tessa pointed.

“Meow!” cried the kitten.

Maxwell lifted his face mask, revealing silver-blue eyes, and stared up into the tree, “He’s pretty high. Wonder how he managed that.”

“Yeah, it’s a real puzzler,” agreed Tessa.

“But it’s no problem. My men and I will have him down in a jiff.”

Tessa locked eyes with the fireman’s. “Lieutenant…”

“Call me, Karl”

“Karl, there no risk of fire and it’s awfully warm today.” She reached out and fiddled with the collar of his coat. “Are you sure you wouldn’t be more comfortable out of this bulky fire gear?”

The firefighter was entranced by the intense green of Tessa’s eyes. He watched her fingers casually play with her hair, revealing a diamond stud earring that reflected in the sunlight.

The sun! He could feel the hot sun beating down on him, the sweat dripping down his back. Her words echoed in his mind. It was against regulations. But he was just so hot. And Tessa’s words made perfect sense.

He smiled at her, showing two rows of perfect white teeth. “Yes, Tessa. I think you’re right.” He removed his helmet revealing a full head of surfer-blonde hair. He stripped off his protective coat and pants to reveal a blue t-shirt and matching shorts. His arms and legs were tanned and muscular. His shirt read “Firemen do it while wearing rubber.”

“I bet your men might feel the same way,” said Tessa.

Maxwell didn’t hesitate. “Right you are, Tessa.” He shouted at his crew. “Jefferson, Kim, Ramirez, Running Wolf” ditch your gear. This is just a cat stuck in a tree.”


The men shed their helmets, coats, pants and boots.

Smorgasbord thought Tessa, as she gazed at the firefighters. African American, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American. Chiseled muscles visible through their tight t-shirts, attested to the their fitness.

Even old Mrs. Catlin couldn’t help but gawk this impressive display of male physiques.


Okay, men let’s rescue this kitten,” said Maxwell. He barked out orders. “Kim, block off traffic. Jefferson, maneuver the truck into place. Ramirez, you’ve got ladder control. And Running Wolf, you’re going up to retrieve our wayward kitty.”

Kim set up a line of orange cones closing off the lane.

Jefferson brought the truck under the tree and close to the curb.

The ladder rose slowly from the truck into the tree branches. When Ramirez had the end of the ladder in the vicinity of the kitten, he gave a thumbs up sign.

Running Wolf scrambled up the ladder. When he arrived at the top, he was level with the kitten. He reached out. The kitten considered the outstretched hand and leapt to a higher branch.


Running Wolf sighed. He looked down and made a motion with his hand.

The Lieutenant called out. “Ramirez, give him another five feet.”

Ramirez nodded. The ladder rose further.

Running Wolf was again level with the kitten. This time he moved his hand ever so slowly, until it was just inches from the stranded feline.

The kitten looked at the hand, sniffed a bit, and then hopped to an even higher branch.

Running Wolf looked down at Maxwell and shrugged.

“Can you give him anymore?” The lieutenant asked Ramirez.

Ramirez shook his head. “We’ve got those power lines to watch out for.”

Maxwell shouted to Running Wolf, “That’s as high as we can send you.”

Running Wolf looked at the kitten. He was maybe seven or eight feet higher, but the branches were so thick, climbing into the tree to reach him seemed impossible.

“We need a new plan,” shouted out Running Wolf. “I’m coming back down.”

“Hold on,” said Tessa. She stuck her fingers in her mouth and made a high-pitched whistling sound. “Little kitten, come back down,” she called out.

The kitten stared down at Tessa, twitched his nose and leapt from his branch. In a sort of controlled plunge, he bounced and careened off a series of branches until he plopped into the outstretched hand of Running Wolf.

“Got him!” He shouted. “Or her! It! Anyway I’m heading down.” With the kitten in his left hand and cupped to his chest he descended the ladder using his right hand.

He jumped off the ladder’s last two steps to the truck and down to the street.

“Joe Running Wolf at your service, Ma’am.” He handed the kitten to Tessa.

“Thanks, but he’s not really mine. I was the just the one who noticed him up the tree.” She scratched the kitten’s ears while inspecting him. “He doesn’t even have a collar.” She looked at the Mrs. Catlin. “Maybe you’d like to take him in.”

The old woman’s eyes lit up. “Yes I would.” She slipped the kitten out of Tessa’s hands. “ “Let me take you home for a nice saucer of cold milk.”

“Looks like our job here is done,” said Maxwell.

”I bet you fellas could use a nice cold drink yourselves. Probably got pretty hot and thirsty rescuing that little guy,” said Tessa.

The men instinctively swallowed and licked their lips.

“I do feel a bit parched,” said Kim.

“Perfect,” said Tessa. “You can all come over to my place. My condo is just a few blocks over.”

“Sounds like a plan,” said Jefferson.

“But only if I get to ride in the truck,” said Tessa.

“Seems fair,” said Maxwell.

Ramirez lowered the ladder while Kim collected the cones. In the cab Tessa squeezed into between Jefferson and Maxwell.

She traced her finger across the Lieutenant’s firm chest. “You’re probably are still hot in this shirt.”

A bead of swear appeared on his forehead and rolled down his face. “Yes, Tessa. You are right.”

He pulled off his shirt. Perfect abs. Tessa suppressed a squeal.

She turned to the driver. “You too, Jefferson. Off with the shirt.”

“Yes, Tessa,” said the fireman and he complied with her command.

“Now, let’s go get that drink,” said Tessa.

As Jefferson eased the truck into traffic, Tessa asked “Can I run the siren?”

“Yes, Tessa,” said Jefferson. “It’s that black button on the dash.”

Tessa smiled and pressed the button. The siren wailed and lights flashed as the truck motored down the street.

Anything She Wants : Financial Domination Files (Volumes 1-5)

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In this collection you will meet:

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A cigarette girl with the most amazing legs.

A phone-sex operator who bags a billionaire

The self-proclaimed Goddess of Cash Pickups.

The set contains:

The Spell
The Interview
The Cigarette Girl
The Hedge Fund Manager
The Cash Pickups

These titles are rated PG-13. There’s no actual sex, but over 60,000 words of mind-bending, soul-twisting, wallet-draining Financial Domination.

[Anything She Wants]

Now Available: What Happens in Oslo: Tessa Fields Femme Fatale (Book One)

Tessa Fields is beautiful, charming and a world-class hypnotist. As a top agent of the super-secret spy agency T.R.A.N.C.E. she travels the world using her hypnotic skills to bespell and befuddle her targets.

Her latest assignment takes Tessa to Norway and the high-stakes world of international oil production. Her quarry a top IT professional with access to classified data. But sinister forces also seek this information. If Tessa isn’t careful her first visit to Oslo, might be her last.

This 11,000 word short is rated PG-13. No sex, but plenty of mind-melting erotic hypnosis.

[What Happens In Oslo]

Read an Excerpt from What Happens in Oslo…

This is the opening from book one in a new series: Tessa Fields, Femme Fatale.

The Texan opened his eyes. He was lying on a cold concrete floor. He scrambled to his feet. He was inside a giant cage. He grabbed the bars and shook. Not even a rattle. The steel shafts were sunk deep into the concrete.

The last thing he remembered was being in the salon at the casino. That girl was going to give him a shave. He was tired and must have dozed off.

“Hey!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. “Where am I? Can anyone here me?” His voice echoed throughout the room, but there was no answer.

He checked his pockets. Phone, wallet and keys all gone.

Attached to his cage was upside-down water bottle, similar to ones used by birds or hamsters, but much larger. He tried to take a sip and ended up drenching his shirt. The water was cool and fresh. It must have been refilled recently.

Mounted next to a water bottle was a metallic cylinder about two feet long and six inches in diameter. On one side of the cylinder a black tab protruded. He pressed the tab and the bottom of the cylinder opened momentarily, dumping a handful of food on the floor. The Texan scraped up the food. Chex Mix. He shoved it in his mouth. Salty. He washed it down with water careful not to soak himself this time.

He looked around the room. Maybe fifty feet by forty. Gray walls. A half a dozen more cages like his, but empty. A metal door on the far wall.

He tried screaming and yelling for another five minutes, gave up and sat down in his cage.

The door creaked open.

The Texan jumped up. He recognized the girl from the salon. She wore a black ankle length dress with a plunging neckline. A gold necklace with a gemstone the size and color of unripe cherry tomato swayed back and forth as she strode across the room.

“You there, Tina! What’s going on? Let me out of here.”

She stopped outside the cage door. “The name is Tessa,” she replied with disdain.

“Tina, Tessa, whatever. I demand you release me immediately.”

Tessa’s eyes flared. “Men don’t make demands of me. I make demands of them.”

“You’re in a lot of trouble, young lady. If you let me out of here right now, you might survive the consequences.” The Texan stood up straight and pressed against the bars. “Do you even know who I am?”

Tessa stifled a yawn. “You’re a bit player. A nobody. You are of some small interest to me because of certain information you have.” Her eyes filled with contempt. “Information that I will have.”

The Texan grabbed at her through the bars, but she was out of reach.

“You are certainly in need an attitude adjustment.” From a pocket in her dress, Tessa pulled out her iPhone and tapped a couple of times.

The Texan heard a sound, a whirring from behind, followed by a soft thwip and a sharp pain in his back. “Ow!”

He reached behind his neck and pulled an object out of his shoulder blade. He held it out: a golden dart. “What’s this?” he asked disjointedly.

“A little disposition improver.” Tessa smiled. “How are you feeling?”

The room spun and The Texan held on to the bars of the cage for support. He stared at Tessa. God, she was beautiful. Lovelier than any other woman he had beheld. But it wasn’t just her beauty. He could feel his heart filling with love for her. She was all that mattered. His knees slowly buckled and he dropped to the floor.

“Oh, Tessa.”

“Yes?” she said with a big grin.

“I simply adore you.”

“Is that so?” Her smile grew even wider.

“Yes, absolutely.”

“But what about all those mean and nasty things you said to me before?”

The Texan shook his head. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was doing. I was out of my mind. Now I am quite right. I adore you. I love you. I worship you.”

“This is quite a beneficial development.”

“How may I serve you?” pleaded The Texan.

“Oh, I have lots of ideas, but first tell me about the meeting in Perth.”


“Do not try my patience, slave. I know you have a meeting scheduled. I want all the details.”

“Yes, Tessa, of course. But you have to understand there’s a lot of money at st—”

“What concern have you for money, when my happiness is at issue?”

The Texan searched his heart. “Yes, Tessa. You are right. I would forfeit all the money in this deal, just to see you smile.”


“But these men I am dealing with are dangerous. I would fear for my life should I reveal this information to you. Surely you can understand?”

Tessa sighed. The instinct for self-preservation was the strongest. But even millions of years of evolution were no match for a double dose of her love potion. She tapped on her phone again.


Another dart struck The Texan in the back.

“Yes, Tessa!” A huge grin crossed his face and his body shook with desire.

“You want to be Tessa’s good boy and tell me all about the meeting in Perth.”

“Yes, Tessa. It’s on the 22nd. That’s a week from Thursday,” he gushed. “At 11:00am local time, I’m to be in the Velvet Espresso, a coffee shop on St. George’s Terrace. I’ll be reading the sports section of the local newspaper and wearing a red tie. My contact is to approach me say, ‘Never seen it so dry. I wonder when we’ll get rain again.’ I am to reply ‘I just flew in from Romania so I can’t say for sure.’ Then he is to pass me the package.”

“Hold on, hold on.” She hadn’t been prepared for such an eager reply. She tapped the phone and placed it in record more.

She smiled sweetly. “Now my good boy, tell me the plan again.”

“Yes, Tessa. Anything for you.”

The Texan repeated the instructions. When he finished, she tapped the phone and returned it to her pocket.

“I’m done now. Thanks for the information. You should feel very pleased with yourself for assisting me.” She turned to leave.

“Please don’t go, Tessa. I can’t bear the idea of being without you.”

“Of course, you can’t.” Tessa laughed. “That much potion in your system is pushing you to the brink of insanity.”

“I don’t care. I’ll do anything you ask. Please don’t go.”

“There is one small thing you can do for me,” said Tessa.

“Name it,” said The Texan, his voice thick with desperation.

Tessa saw the helplessness in his eyes and smiled. She leaned forward, moved her lips close to his ear and whispered, “Wake up.”

What Happens In Olso (Tessa Fields, Femme Fatal: Book One) will be published later this year.

Read an excerpt from The Revenge

Here’s the opening of The Revenge (Financial Domination Files #6 and the sequel to The Interview.

Just remain calm, Eric thought.

I’m an Ivy League graduate, an Olympic bronze medalist, the CFO of a Fortune 500 company. I can do this.

He heard the staccato clicks of approaching heels.

I am in control, he tried to convince himself.

He swallowed hard as she appeared in the doorway. Her hair was blonder than remembered.

She wore a clingy white blouse with one too many buttons undone. Her tight black leather skirt, cinched with a silver chain belt, ended well above the knee.
But his eyes were drawn to her stockings.

Horizontal stripes, black and nude, circled her improbably long legs. The effect was mesmerizing. The contrast between dark and light caused his eyes to linger.
She fake coughed.

With great effort Eric raised his gaze. From behind tortoise shell librarian spectacles, blue eyes the color of the sky before a storm stared back at him.
She smiled when she had his attention. She always had their attention.

“Good evening, my toy. Did you forget the proper greeting position?” She extended a slender finger and pointed to the floor.

His knees buckled for a moment, before he regained his composure.
He took a deep breath. “My apologies, Godd—, er, Zusa. I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching, and I’ve come to the conclusion that my service to you has come to an end.” He stood up straighter.

“Soul searching?” Zusa laughed as she collapsed on the couch. She slowly and deliberately crossed her legs. “But there’s no need to search. Your soul is in a jar on a shelf in my basement. Been there since the first time you laid eyes on me.” She smiled wickedly.

The CFO remained steady. He knew her tricks. How she could use her voice and her beauty to confuse him. He wouldn’t fall for it. Not this time.

“This will be my last visit.”

Zusa ran a shiny red fingernail the length of her thigh. “Tell me, Eric.” She dropped her voice an octave to a husky tone. “If you’re really done with me, why even bother showing up? Why not just disappear forever?”

“Doesn’t matter why. My work is suffering. My family. My life. I need to do this. I need to be free.”

“Yet you are here before me. Doesn’t sound very free to me. And I notice you can’t help but steal glances at my stockings.”

She was right. He was fascinated by her stockings. Again, she crossed and uncrossed her legs and he couldn’t do anything but gawk in helpless fascination.
“I wore them just for you, my toy.”

His heart was pounding and his resolve slipping away. “Zusa, please…”

She rocked her foot back and forth. “Notice the patterns in my stockings. If you stare closely, you can almost see them spin, can’t you?”

He stared harder. Yes, he could see them spin.

“That’s right continue to watch and relax.”

Eric stared at Zusa’s legs, at the stockings, at the stripes, the rings… watching them all go around and around and around.

“Don’t you think you’d be more comfortable on the floor? You’d also have a much better view.”

“Yes, Zusa. You are right.”

“Yes, Goddess,” she corrected him.

“Yes, Goddess.” His body shook and he dropped to his knees.

Zusa rose from the couch and walked towards him.

He eyes stayed locked on her legs, the stockings, the spirals. The spirals were spinning faster now.

“Keep staring at my stockings and listening to my voice… Becoming weaker and weaker… Emptier and emptier.”

In his eyes, she could see the reflection of her legs. She could even see them the spinning spirals.

She giggled.

“That’s right, my pet…

“Stare in awe…

“Listen and obey…

“To all my words…

“All my suggestions…

“Penetrating your mind…

“So deeply…

“So deeply…

“Impossible to resist…

“Compelled to obey…

“Mind so empty…

“Feeling so weak…

“No thoughts…

“No worries…

“Just my voice…

“Echoing in your mind…

“My words…

“My suggestions…

“My commands…

“Controlling you…

“Taking you deeper…

“And deeper…

“Falling deeper than ever before…

“Under my hypnotic spell…

“Where nothing else matters…

“But my words…

“And my voice…

“Falling even deeper now…

“Into the deepest trance possible…

“So deep…

“Into your subconscious mind…

“Where I rule…

“Where my words rule…

“Counting down from ten…

“And when I reach zero…

“You will fall into deepest trance possible…

“One thousand times deeper…

“Than you have ever gone before…




“Impossible to resist…


“Completely under my spell…


“Mind so empty…


“So weak for me…


“Utterly helpless…


“Falling even faster…


“No hope of escape…


“Almost there…


My words consume you…


“Deep sleep now!”

Zusa snapped her fingers and his eyes slammed shut.

She looked down at him and smiled with contempt. “Now my completely enthralled slave, your mind is completely open to me. No more resistance. No more defenses.
Nothing more than my plaything. An amusing diversion. An experiment to prove just how powerful I am.”

His body trembled.

Zusa laughed. “That’s right, you should shake. And do you know why?”

Eric was silent.

Zusa leaned down and whispered, “Because I am going to take it all. Everything you have. Complete and utter financial destruction.”

His body shook harder now.

Her hot breath tickled his ear as she continued. “That’s right toy: checking, savings, 401-k, stock options, your daughter’s college fund. All of it is going to be mine…

“Because you can’t say no to me…

“Because you want me to destroy you…

“Because I want it…

“Because I can…”

She stood back up and giggled at the quivering executive.

“Bringing you up on the count of five…

“But still under my spell…

“And in my power…

“Eager to obey…

“Helpless to resist…

“One… Two… Three… Four… Five!”

She snapped her fingers three times in quick succession.

His eyelids fluttered open. A blank look on his face.

Zusa grabbed his tie and yanked him forward. She peered into his eyes and saw complete and utter submission. She released the tie and he tumbled forward. “Oops!”
She grabbed a tablet from the coffee table and thrust it into his hands. “This app is called The Vacuum Cleaner. Custom made by a Byelo-Russian hacker who loves to be forced to bark like a dog.” She laughed. “Go ahead and fill in your details. The program will do the rest: draining all your accounts and adding them to mine.”
The tablet shook in his hands.

Her voice reverberated in his head.

She was deep in his mind.

His will twisted and contorted by her words.

He was sick to his stomach at the thought of losing everything.

But it was what she wanted.

And he had to obey.

Even at this price.

He must do this for her.

He couldn’t say no.

He didn’t want to say no.

He wanted her to do this to him.

With tears streaming down his face he entered the data: name, SSN, account and financial institutions. “Zusa, please…”

“There, there, my toy. Almost done. Go ahead and make me happy by destroying yourself.”

His finger quivered as it hovered over ‘Complete’ and then he tapped.

Zusa took the tablet back and looked at the screen. “Shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds.”

The executive silently sobbed.

The tablet beeped.

Zusa giggled and showed him the screen. His accounts all listed zero balances.
“Don’t you just feel wonderful, my toy?”

He was bankrupt. Financially ruined. Devastated. But all he could think about was how good it felt that Zusa had done this to him. “Thank you, Goddess.”

“Yes!” exclaimed Zusa. “I’ve taken everything you’ve owned. Looks like I’m up close to two and a half million, but nothing gets me hotter than when a slave thanks me for ruining him.” She burst out laughing. “Oh, who am I kidding. The cash is always better, but still to be thanked for destroying you is always a thrill.”

She checked her watch. “Looks like our time is up. Guess you were right, my toy. This will be your final visit. There’s nothing left to take. I have no further use for you.”

She leaned close.

He could smell her perfume.

Her hot breath on his neck. Her lips brushed the lobe of his ear.

In a breathy whisper Zusa told him, “I always win.”

She giggled and snapped her fingers.

The penniless man slumped to the floor.

The Revenge will be published later this month.